Is your company connected socially? In today’s fast-paced in-your-face news cycle that continuously spits out updates and news flashes, it’s beneficial to be connected to the social side of the Internet to get your message out there. It’s as simple as posting a status update, a photo or video on your personalized Facebook business page. Updating your Web content or launching a redesign? Tell Facebook and include a link. New blog post? Announce it on Facebook. New product launch? Post a picture or a video. It’s an easy, visual and speedy tool that costs you nothing other than a few minutes of your time. The best part is that once you get started building your friend list, your friends will get the word out for you with a click and a share!

There are other popular social networking sites and apps like Twitter and Instagram, so why begin with Facebook? For starters, Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday in February 2014 and boasts a whopping 1.23 billion users around the world. A recent Pew Research Center survey says that 73 percent of American Internet users older than 18 use at least one social network site, with Facebook still in the lead with online adults. The survey shows that 63 percent of Facebook users visit the site at least once daily, and 40 percent of them check their newsfeeds multiple times in one day. With this amount of traffic, it’s not a bad place to start a conversation!

Why does Facebook work? People love to share information. If Aunt Sally posts that she visited (insert the name of your business here) with the comment, “Great and friendly service today. I recommend this place to all my friends,” and she includes a link to your business, she just gave you possibly 130 more “likes” on your page and free advertising to her 130* friends and family who potentially will repost and share with each of their 100+ friends. The more “likes” Aunt Sally’s original post receives, the more your name, location and rave review of your business will soar through cyber space. Your one friend just socially networked your business to hundreds of potential new customers in an instance.

Even if it started with a click from your tech savvy auntie and you are her favorite niece, what’s not to “like” about that?


*Average number of friends per Facebook user according to

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